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Is "alkaline drinking water" really good for your health?  

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Nowadays, there are many types of drinking water for us to super slot  choose from, such as regular drinking water, mineral water, as well as drinking water containing various vitamins and minerals. Alkaline drinking water Many people may be wondering that What is drinking water And is it really beneficial for health or not? Have to follow up in this article that Hello Doc brings together.

What is alkaline drinking water?

The term "alkaline" refers to the level of the pH or pH of the water, which can be measured in the range 0-14, which is the only difference between alkaline water and water. General plumbing

Tap water normally has a pH level of about 7.5, but alkaline water has a pH higher than 8-9, the higher the number means. Water will have a higher alkalinity. The lower the number, the more acidic the water is.

A study from reliable sources. 2013 Water with a low pH (acidic) is likely to be toxic. Besides that, eating acidic foods and drinks May increase the risk of cancer More than that There is still a saying that Acidic foods feed cancer cells. Making it possible to grow and spread

Alkaline drinking water and cancer

Alkaline drinking water is said to neutralize acids found in the bloodstream, so drinking water with a higher pH can increase the body's metabolism and can increase the body's ability to absorb important nutrients. Some people think this prevents cancer cells found in the body from growing. This is because cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment.

Drinking alkaline water It also slows or stops the growth of cancer. By balancing the pH level in the body, which in general Alkaline drinking water can have an effect on hydration in the body. For some people with acid reflux Alkaline drinking water may also improve symptoms related to gastric reflux.

However, in the body with normal function Alkaline drinking water will not cause any significant changes. If in the body there is a balance between acids and bases Which is measured in the bloodstream itself But at this time there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that Can alkaline drinking water cure or prevent cancer?

It is almost impossible to change the pH level in your blood completely. By eating or drinking certain liquids Under normal circumstances Your body naturally balances the internal pH level. Because the human body has complex and interrelated multicellular mechanisms. Which involves maintaining the internal pH of the body the way it should be

If you have cancer Such cancer cells should not have a serious effect on the overall pH of your body. This is because, although cancer cells produce lactic acid, it may not normally be enough to completely change the pH level in your body. In general, very little research has been done on how alkalinity affects the body.