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How to write an essay  

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Essay - a type of creative assignment; a genre (philosophical, literary-critical, historical-biographical, nerdify reviews google) of prose that combines an emphasized individual position of the author with a relaxed, often paradoxical narration, oriented to colloquial speech. 

The Great Encyclopedic Dictionary. 2000


An essay is a type of creative assignment, written independent work of students; a statement of their own thoughts, experiences, judgments, intentions. Essays are distinguished by genre or the way in which thoughts are expressed:

- description,

- narration,

- explanation,

- narration, narration, explanation, and reasoning.


An essay or essay is a type of exercise that completes preparation for an independent presentation of thoughts, ideas. Writing an essay or essay is preceded by: a plan, an outline, a summary of the read text, a statement of content, an abstract, an abstract of a series of texts.


The main features of an essay are a specific topic (problem, question) and expression of the author's individual impressions, thoughts on the topic (problem, question) with an emphasis on the author's personality (his feelings, worldview), a relaxed manner of narration (colloquial speech), attention to detail.


The purpose of the essay is to develop independent creative thinking and the ability to state one's own thoughts. A quality essay should consist of an introduction where a problem is posed, theses (the author's ideas on the topic), and each thesis should be supported by evidence supporting the author's point of view, and the conclusion - once again fixing the problem and summarizing the essay.


How to write a good essay is a question I will try to answer in about 2 minutes. There will be something else related to this question, an explanation of how to use citations correctly. An essay is about presenting not only your ideas, but also the ideas you need for evidence, for understanding the question. When we think of essays, we think of those little three-paragraph essays we used to write in one hour on exams. The principle, of course, is the same, but we need to increase the volume of these paragraphs.


So, the essay consists of several parts, let's say 5. Let's write them down - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And we have to name these parts. 


The first part would be the introduction. The fifth would be the conclusion.



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